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*Round Trip Transportation
*Acces to 5 different places
*Box Lunch
*Food (menu to choose) **Lobster applies extra fee**
* 1 Drink
1. SOLFERINO: Tree of ceiba with more than thousand years of life. It takes more than 13 people to reach to embrace it. People say that when you embrace it, you are filled with the pure energy of Mother Nature.

2. CHIQUILA: Is a fishing village with only 284 homes where we will board our boat towards Holbox.

3. HOLBOX: This beautiful island will cath you with its natural beauty, we´ll be there from 11am to 4pm. You can eat on the beach with your feet in the sand an enjoy the hammocks and music. You can walk the town on foot, by bicycle or in a golf cart (not included). In addition to enjoying an incredible horseback ride on the beach or kayak (not included).

4. ISLA PASION: This is a small independient island next to Holbox, they call it island pasion since there they were going to spend their honeymoon the locals of Holbox. Today besides having a huge natural swimming pool where you can take a walk, you can see birds like flamingos, cormorants, and even feed the gulls.

5. YALAHAU: Is a spring of healing waters and aphrodisiacs where people say pirates were going to stock up.
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